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​​- In LC Dental, we provide high-quality, comprehensive dental treatment including Periodontics, Implants and Orthodontics (Braces and Invisalign).

- Our practice is a referral-based practice meaning most of our patients are referred by happy, satisfied patients or other medical professionals such as pediatricians and family doctors.
- LC Dental is equipped with the latest dental technology. Being a green facility, our office consumes less water, less paper and less energy than a typical dental office.
- We do not double schedule patients. You get your treatment on time and receive our full attention.
- We are using Schick digital radiography system, which reduces your exposure to x-rays by 85% compared to conventional film.
- We are using Pano dental x-ray system: it is fast, fun and painless when your full mouth x-ray is taken.
- We do oral cancer screening for every new patient and our existing patients during their six-month recall exams.
- We are using the next generation ultrasonic scaler, which provides exceptional comfort during your dental clean visit.
- We explain your treatment plan using a 3D animation and imaging software (powered by Caesy education system) so that you understand each option.

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